Also, how is this my fault? He’s the omniscient one. He saw this coming and he knew what I would do. It’s his fault for creating me like this. He may say that “Sufficient to have stood, though free to fall./ Such I created all th’ ethereal Powers/ And Spirits, both them who stood and them who filed…” (Milton 3.99- 101) but he clearly misjudged how sufficient I was to have stood. Why couldn’t he have made me unswayable in my devotion to him?Image


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  1. locomang123 says:

    Listen Satan, if I made you without a free will to choose to obey me or not then how could I test if you really were loyal to me? If you couldn’t choose to disobey me, it would completely devalue all the times you did choose to obey me. -God

  2. locomang123 says:

    Shut up God. Don’t listen to him man. – Beelzebub

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