I’ve decided to use Eve to bring about the fall of man. Adam is too stubborn and blindly devoted to God, but Eve is a little more open minded hehehehe. I’m sure that with some coaxing she’ll eventually come around. I’m going to corrupt her and pervert this beautiful world that God created. It was only yesterday that I was “Squat like a toad, close at the ear of Eve;/ Assaying by [my] devilish art to reach/ The organs of her fancy…” (Milton 4.800- 803) until Gabriel chased me away. No matter, I will get to her eventually.Image


3 comments on “

  1. locomang123 says:

    YEAAAHHHH gonna get my #corruption on. -Satan

  2. locomang123 says:

    Yeah I am. Crazy EVIL -Satan

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