Today while I was lurking around in the garden of Eden, I spotted two strange creatures made in the likeness of God. Eden is such a beautiful place, and they are such graceful inhabitants. They looked so happy in each other’s arms, and here I am alone, banished to Hell for all eternity. What a ” Sight hateful, sight tormenting! Thus these two/ Imparadised in one another’s arms/ The happier Eden, shall enjoy their fill/ Of bliss on bliss, while I to Hell am thrust,/ Where neither joy nor love, but fierce desire,/ Among other torments not the least,/ Still unfullfilled with pain of longing pines…” (Milton 4.505- 511) I’m so jealous! I wish I had an Eve for myself too.Image


4 comments on “

  1. locomang123 says:

    I’d even be happy with just a friend… -Satan

  2. locomang123 says:

    Are you kidding me? You have tons of friends. Remember that time we called a convention of demons in Pandaemonium? There were like countless demons in their who all serve you loyally.
    – Beelzebub

  3. locomang123 says:

    And anyway, You’ll always have me 😉 -Beelzebub

  4. locomang123 says:

    Those guys aren’t my friends. I’m just their leader. I think they’re all scared of me. They probably all secretly hate me… – Satan

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